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ഞാനും ഏട്ടത്തിയും

November 10, 2012

You need Karthika font to view this post.
Rm³ ]oUo kn¡p ]Tn¡pt¼mfmWp Fsâ G«³ hnhmlw Ign¨Xv .Fsâ AO³ hfsc aps¼ acn¨p t]mbncp¶p. ]ns¶ IpSpw_w FÃmw t\m¡nbXpw Fs¶ ]Tn¸n¨Xpw s]§½msc sI«n¨phn«Xpw Hs¡ G«³ aq¸cmbncp¶p. BÄ ]«mf¯n BWp. Ct¸mÄ Hcp taPÀ Bbn«p−v. G«sâ hnhmlw F\n¡p 18 hbÊpÅt¸mfmWp \S¶Xv. s]§•msc Hs¡ sI«n¨p Ignªt¸mÄ At¸msg Fsâ G«\p kz´w Imcyw t\m¡m³ ]ÁnbpÅp. IeymWw Ign¨Xp KncnP F¶p t]cpÅ Hcp \mS³ s]¬sImSnsb BWp. sNdph¯qÀ F¶ {KmaamWp R§fpsS kvYew. hS¡³ tIcfw. henb ]d¼pw ]pgbpw ]mS§fpw Hs¡bpÅ at\mlcamb kvYeamWp sNdph¯qÀ. Cu.tI.\mb\mÀ ChnsS ]et¸mgpw Hfn¨p Xmakn¨n«p−v. 
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